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Our Identity

An HR Consultancy Company


ConvictionsRH is a consultancy company specialised in providing support and guidance to the Human Resources Function development. We provide support on all HR processes, such as recruitment, career and competencies management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, workforce administration, payroll and time & activities management.

ConvictionsRH has been founded by five associates coming from consultancy companies, with also experiences in HR operational positions and who had the wish to build and develop a shared project. Our approach and the quality of our services is reinforced by this broad range of experiences in both operational and consultancy environment. Our accurate knowledge of business organisations is an asset to analyse and understand all HR problematics and to insure the quality and the feasibility of our advices and solutions.

ConvictionsRH : a name with a double meaning

We are sharing the major conviction with our clients, that the value of human capital is key for the economic performance of a company. This is the reason why we have decided to focus our expertise on the human resources function’s support by helping it achieve the following main goal to create value: apply a HR policy aligned with the business strategy.

Due to their project’s stakes, we are aware that our clients are expected a high quality level and added value coming from our consultants. With our vision, our skills and our methods, we have the ambition to offer our clients a new consultancy approach. Our approach as experts and the respect of our commitments and deadlines have been key to gain our client’s confidence on decisive and strategic projects.

From the diagnostic to the validated road-map implementation, our HR consultants are working in close partnership with their clients. In order to insure the success of our recommended solutions and so of our clients’ projects, we provide a total quality control with measurable results.

HR projects at national and international level

Our clients are Executive Management, Human Resources Departments and Information System Departments, from both large and medium-sized French companies, no matter the industry. Our assignments regularly include HR projects’ coordination at the International level.


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