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HR & HRIS Solutions

HRIS Project Management and Business Support

Implement a new HRIS tool has to come along with a proven project methodology in order to develop a tool in line with adequacy with the need and adapted to the HR process. This tool has to bring performance and efficiency, be capable of evolving in the future, while remaining accessible by all the users.

Project Management and Business Support: SaaS

The advent of SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies provides the HR function with new opportunities, but also new concepts and methodologies to master. SaaS reflects the evolving needs of businesses, the need to “do more with less”, whether it’s time, resources or with a smaller budget.

International HRIS

“How to rethink your global HRIS strategy to implement an efficient HR system at a local level and align your HRIS strategy with your business challenges?”

HRIS Selection Support

Ensure the selection of the best adapted solution to your current and future needs and the choice of the best partner for your HRIS.