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Our business ambition

HRIS consultancy company

Our goal: provide you a quality service to face Human resources function evolutions


All ConvictionsRH consultants are dedicated to the same ambition: to provide quality guidance and support in the development of the human resources function, thanks to:

    • our knowledge of the HR function
    • our understanding for organisations
    • our capacity to support the transformation of the HR function with the implementation of the most adapted HR Information System (HRIS)
    • our commitment in the quality in our consultancy partnership


    We have the wish to keep our business ambition aligned with the values that have led the creation of our company and particularly by keeping a high level of expectation regarding our quality service and our client relationship.

    We also have the ambition that consultants who want to work in the HR area, see ConvictionsRH as a reference in term of HR consultancy. Joining our company is joining a solid and competent team, which is sharing the same ethics values and the same business ambition.

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